The Creation Gospel Workbook 5 Volume 3


The Creation Gospel Workbook 5 Volume 3


The Creation Gospel Workbook 5 Volume 3 is a series of lessons on the traditional Torah portions in Vayikra (Leviticus).  It continues weaving the threads from the foundational lesson in Bereishit so that the Four Rivers of Eden and the Good Gold and precious stones encompassed by the Rivers stay in view in the garments of the priesthood, the structure of the Mishkan, and the instructions for holy living.  The lessons include lots of play-on words to aid the memory and embed the important principles of loving one's neighbor, which is the heart of the Torah, Vayikra.

Table of Contents:

  • That's Offal Close! - Vayikra
  • The Priest's Drors and Those Crumby Levites - Tzav
  • What's the Pig Deal? - Shmini
  • Heavenly Girls and Bearded Ladies – Tazria
  • Prison Break – Metzorah
  • This Goofy Body – Acharei Mot
  • Tattoos and Tattletales - Kedoshim
  • Dry Sticks and Lunatics - Emor
  • Sit Down, Shut Up, Buckle Up, and Hang On - Behar
  • CrosSwords, No Puzzle - Bechukotai
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239-Page Workbook