Standing With Israel


Standing With Israel


A new look at Cornelius' and Peter's prayers that opened the door to fellowship between Jewish and non-Jewish believers in Jesus. 

Standing With Israel explains the events of Acts 10 in the context of the Amidah, the Standing Prayer prayed three times daily by observant Jews. An in-depth study of the prophetic nature of the prayer demonstrates how the Judges of Israel and the infirm woman 

Yeshua healed explain the resurrection of Messianic Judaism, growing Christian interest in their Hebraic roots, as well as the “spirit-filled” movements of the last century. Jewish and non-Jewish believers alike are urged to take hold of the unifying prayer to build a house of prayer for all nations.

Today the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is calling Christians from every nation to come to Israel's side, stand with her, pray with her,and help her until she is grown, mature, and ready to be the light to the nations He has called her to be.

"Standing with Israel: Building a House of Prayer</em> comes to us at this time to give us deep understanding of the mysteries of the Jewish prayers in Scripture. This will enable us to come together as one with our Jewish brothers and sisters, that all of His plans and purposes may be accomplished. It is a must read for every one of us!"

Myrna L. Middleton
Fair Havens Missions

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Paperback, 144 pages